She Went Bananas by NO ONO [NSFW due to great boobs]

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Where DIESEL and GSUS-Sindustries ends NO ONO continues! The daring designs are the basis for the second collection with the provocative title ‘She Went Bananas’. The collection consists of 3 exclusive men’s t-shirts where women with bananas are the heroes. These images still tricker a horniness in the male brain. NO ONO likes to let his imagination run free and is presenting the collection by a topless girl.

If you think the designs are too daring, no problem! NO ONO is also the inventor of the CensorPack. When purchasing the t-shirts “Forbidden Fruit”or “Yummy In My Mouth” you receive a Censorpack for free. The CensorPack contains 2 badges which are easily pinnend on the nipples of the girl. So you can censure your t-shirt if the situation requires it.

Conclusion: “This is Fashion Porn” and NO ONO is ready for the hot summer!


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